Instructor Registration

Instructor Registration


What are T Levels? 

T-levels are a brand new, high quality technical qualification for learners aged 16-18, which combine classroom learning with a meaningful industry placement.  

  •  2-year courses, equivalent to 3 A-levels. 
  •  Employers provide a meaningful work placement for learners which in turn helps develop future talent for their organisation. 
  •  Developed for learners aged 16-18, looking to progress to further study after GCSEs. 

3 Benefits to Taking a T Level Student 

  • ​ Offering early access to a talent pipeline for entry-level positions​ 
  • Improve innovation​ and provides a platform to other funded training programmes. 
  • Contributes towards organisational productivity. 

Our T Level Offer 

  1. Management and Administration - Business Support 
  2. Laboratory Sciences 
  3. Digital Production Design and Development  
  4. Digital Support Services  
  5. Onsite Construction  
  6. Building Services Engineering for Construction 
  7. Maintenance, Installation and Repair for Engineering and Manufacturing 
  8. Maintenance, installation and Repair of Engineering and Manufacturing  
  9. Engineering, Manufacturing, Processing and Control - Fabrication & Welding 
  10. Design, Surveying and Planning for Construction  
  11. Health and Science - Adult Nursing 
  12. Education and Childcare Cadet – Early Years Education 

T Levels with the City of Liverpool College 

At the College we have made significant capital investment in our T Level workshops and classrooms, modernising our facilities across our campuses.  Our Vauxhall Road Campus is a centre of excellence for green technologies – construction, automotive and engineering. We have also developed a 4D health and social care classroom and childcare nursery room, providing a real-world setting for learners to develop their skills and knowledge. 

T Levels & Apprenticeships 

T Levels can lead to an Accelerated Apprenticeship​ as training will not need to be repeated as part of the full apprenticeship. This means the apprenticeship scheme can be completed in less time and at a lower cost at a lower cost to the employer. 

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